News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Tue, March 13, 2018 18:17:00
Updates to Gallery mainly.

For further updates please visit my facebook page at:

Take care and happy 2018 to you all :)



Exhibition and latest painting

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Fri, March 31, 2017 18:47:52
Recently finished this big oil painting of Tom Ray, who is one of my work colleagues at Lands' End. The well-crafted and acted film Starfish is about him, his family and the dangers/life changing consequences of sepsis.

I think Tom has always been an inspiration to all of us who know him; just a strong, compassionate human being who gets on with things despite many difficulties. For so many of us the word 'can't' is such a big part of our lives. For Tom I think the opposite is true. He can still drive, he can still go to work, he can still be a parent and husband, he can, he can, he can.

We could all learn from this - too many of us 'can't' even at the smallest setbacks.

I hope you like my painting.

Also, there is an upcoming exhibition involving Elli Dean, Connie Taylor and myself at the Victoria Hall in Oakham from the 12-17th June 2017. If you can make it would be great to see you there!



Wok and Eat

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Fri, May 27, 2016 18:21:08

Over a month since my last update. Still very pleased about the Mall Galleries. On top of which I have been working hard to get this commission finished on behalf of Wok and Eat for their excellent Asian take-away in Peterborough

A link can be found here:

Mall Galleries Exhibition

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Thu, April 07, 2016 17:20:43
Private View happened on Tuesday 5/4/16 with a huge crowd turning up and some excellent paintings and sketches on show. Rosie and myself managed to travel down to enjoy a few hours there soaking in the atmosphere and good art.
Below are a few images from the day, including a surprise the next morning when we checked the Mall Galleries website - whoever you are buyer, you have made me a proud and happy artist - thank you :)


A Super Result!

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Thu, February 18, 2016 16:50:54
Truly honoured and pleased that my work Rose in Repose has been accepted for the Royal Institute of Painters in Water Colours 2016 exhibition running from the 6 - 16 th April at the Mall Galleries.

There have been a few more updates and paintings posted on my facebook page so feel free to visit that at for more information.

Post Christmas Update

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Sun, January 03, 2016 12:48:13
No update for the past 2 months!

You may ask, am I actually working on something. The answer is YES - always! The reason I have been unable to post any images is because most were intended for Christmas and I did not want to ruin anybody's surprise.

Here we go: Pen, Ink and Tea staining, Labrador Duet - you can really see the different personalities of each dog

Art in Lyddington times

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Tue, October 20, 2015 13:15:07
Just a quick update to let you know the exact dates and times for AIL:

Friday 30th October, Saturday 31st and Sunday 1st November


St Andrew’s Church, Church Lane, Lyddington

Opens 10:00 a.m. until 5:00 p.m. (closes 3p.m. on Sunday)

Hope to see you guys there :)


Duxford Air Show

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Sun, October 04, 2015 13:01:33
As always, for more regular updates please visit my facebook page at:

Final piece inspired by my visit to the Duxford Air Show; The Fly-by, 2015, Pencil. A Royal Airforce Corsair being readied as two Messerschmitts fly past it in the skies above.

Also, end of October I will be entering two pieces into the Lyddington Art Festival 2015, so if you are in the area of wish to keep up to date on that please visit this LINK.

Thank you all :)

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