So far so good...

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Sat, May 16, 2009 14:02:33

Most of the info from 'Exhibitions' has been filled in, I also managed to find a way around uploading the images so that they look alot cleaner and clearer.

Very pleased with the progress, next up will be uploading and labelling as many photos as possible in the 'Gallery' as well as fleshing out details and links.

A few more updates and things should be ready to go.

Painting has been going quite well too, finished one landscape, and almost finished its sister piece, as well as one of a cute girl with paint, tentatively titled, 'The Endless Tube.'

Off to a party in Peterborough tonight, fancy dress, theme, 'What you wanted to be when you were older...'

Answer: Artist - obviously ;)