Website and Tennis

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Mon, May 18, 2009 10:58:27

Website is going well, added some more info the 'commissions' and finally filled in the 'contact' details as well - having a bit of trouble linking/embedding a video into my site however.

Yesterday afternoon I also watched the Madrid 2009 tennis final between Roger Federer and Raphael Nadal. Not an epic by any means, from a spectators perspective, but Federer had some very good tactics for a change. It seemed to me that he gave Nadal as little rythmn as possible, breaking up the games with aces, forehand winners and terrible miss-hits, just to keep the rallies as short as possible. Either he won in 3-4 shots, or he made a mistake.

This in turn never really allowed Nadal to get his inner motor running smoothly. I dont even think he made it out of second gear to be honest, he certainly wasn't sweating much, and coupled with exhaustion vs Djokovic the day before, and just not finding his range, ended in a predictable result. A great tactical victory by Federer and its nice to see him back to his winning ways.

Take care everyone,