Returned! Also ROS2013

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Fri, June 07, 2013 09:17:47
I may have posted about my successful return a few days ago on my facebook page however I felt it was time to write something similar for my blog.

India was an amazing experience; not all of it good, but sometimes that is the best way as certain things leave a greater impression. Visually it was stunning, from the crazy traffic to the buildings and vehicles, which on occasion looked like straight from the set of Mad Max.

Personally I have always been a great fan of dilapidated building and long shadows, and the character that decay can bring to a 'thing' or landscape, so from those viewpoints India was a sketching/photography paradise. There are alot of ideas and potential paintings in the pipeline, none of which i am willing to share for the time being, however in the mean time I will post a photos from my travels below.

Also, over the coming weekends in June, if you have the opportunity, visit Morcott for the Rutland Open Studios 2013; I should be exhibiting with Mo Gardner, Roy Holley et all there - well worth a look.

Kind Regards,