Working on a few things...

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Mon, September 15, 2014 14:17:43
Firstly, I will upload some of those finished khaki canvas images below.

It was actually a lot more difficult than I had at first envisioned trying to get all three lined up together to create a feeling of unity between them, however the recipient is extremely pleased with the final result - in future I may try more triptychs.

Also, after purchasing a fine new 18-135mm STM lens for my Canon 100D I will try to get a little more into video editing, perhaps creating an artist video for my main website and facebook page, so fingers crossed it works out well. Someone has recommended I try the editing part via Lightworks, so we will see :)

And finally, something I have overlooked since my latest website iteration; on my 'Contact' page you should now also be able to find an image of myself next to the Artist Bio.

All the best,