Exhibition and latest painting

News and PonderingsPosted by Clinton Croson Fri, March 31, 2017 18:47:52
Recently finished this big oil painting of Tom Ray, who is one of my work colleagues at Lands' End. The well-crafted and acted film Starfish is about him, his family and the dangers/life changing consequences of sepsis.

I think Tom has always been an inspiration to all of us who know him; just a strong, compassionate human being who gets on with things despite many difficulties. For so many of us the word 'can't' is such a big part of our lives. For Tom I think the opposite is true. He can still drive, he can still go to work, he can still be a parent and husband, he can, he can, he can.

We could all learn from this - too many of us 'can't' even at the smallest setbacks.

I hope you like my painting.

Also, there is an upcoming exhibition involving Elli Dean, Connie Taylor and myself at the Victoria Hall in Oakham from the 12-17th June 2017. If you can make it would be great to see you there!